Document No. TitleEffective Date
CLUB-1Weather Policy for Operations and Grounds Usage4/17/2024
CLUB-2Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Statement12/15/2022
CLUB-3Field Assignment Procedure  6/22/2023
CLUB-4Use of Supplemental Trainers6/22/2023
DAP-1Disciplinary Action6/19/2024
DOC-1Policies, Procedure & Governing Documents12/14/2022
FIN-1Team Financial Reporting Procedures2/10/2023
FIN-2Financial Assistance Application & Awarding Process6/22/2023
TMD-1  Tryout Procedures for Team Selection 2/14/2023
Drone Policy

 POLICY ON UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS (DRONE) : It is the policy of North Carolina Youth Soccer to provide a safe environment for all who attend a North Carolina Youth Soccer activity and/or event. Therefore, the use of unmanned aircraft is PROHIBITED at any activity or event of North Carolina Youth Soccer. As an organization committed to providing a developmental, healthy, and safe environment, North Carolina Youth Soccer recognizes that the safety of its youth players is paramount. It is the responsibility of the Competition Authority and/or Designated Authority of North Carolina Youth Soccer events to ensure that this policy is strictly enforced.

View full policy hereNCYSA Drone Policy

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed on the fields and should not go beyond the fenced in area at any time. Thank you for your support!