Guidance from our By-Laws

Pursuant to the PGSA By-Laws, annually PGSA Board of Director seats are up for reelection. Terms of office is 2 years. The specific positions that are available rotate from year to year as to maintain continuity. The roles of President, Secretary and six other director seats will be voted on during even years. The roles of Vice President, Treasurer and five remaining director seats will be voted on During odd years.

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For August 2024 elections, the following seats are available:

President’s Role

The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the PGSA, and, subject to the instructions of the Board of Directors, shall have general charge of the business affairs and property of the PGSA, and control over its other officers, agents and employees. They shall preside at all meetings of the Members and of the Board of Directors. The President shall do and perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to them by the Board of Directors.

Secretary’s Role

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of Members and of the Board of Directors. They shall be custodian of the records, books, reports, statements, certificates, and other documents of the PGSA and of the seal of the PGSA. In general, They shall perform all duties and possess all authority incident to the office of Secretary, and they shall perform such other duties and have such other authority as from time to time may be assigned to them by the Board of Directors.

General Board of Director’s Role

The property, affairs, and business of the PGSA shall be managed by the Board of Directors. Each Director shall be entitled to one vote. Officers of the PGSA shall also be voting Directors of the Board. No Director of the Board shall use the resources, business, or finances of the PGSA for personal use or profit.

Interesting in Running?

Minimum requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to run for a position on the Board of Directors.
  • Any member, as defined below, wishing to run for election or re-election must submit his or her intent in writing to the PGSA Nominating Committee prior to July 1st of each year.
    • Parents, legal guardians, and all teams of Pitt-Greenville Soccer Association then registered for play during that soccer seasonal year (August through May). According to the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association, all teams from Academy through and including U-14 play both fall and spring schedules. Teams from ages U-15 through U-18 only play a fall or spring season. A team is a member of Pitt-Greenville Soccer Association even if it is on an “off-season”.
    • The Referee Assignor for Pitt-Greenville Soccer Association.
    • The Director of Coaching for Pitt-Greenville Soccer Association.
    • All players, coaches, and employees of the City of Greenville Parks and Recreation associated with Future Stars and the Adult Soccer League.
    • Two of the Directors may be outside of the general membership, included but not limited to community members, local municipality personnel, etc. Only one of the two Community Director seats may hold an Executive Office, and shall follow the same terms and conditions of office as other Directors. These two Board seats would follow the same conventions of term of office defined above with one serving on even year terms and other on odd year terms.
PGSA 2024 Elections Letter

Interested candidates should download and submit the below form the the email address below. Please complete the form in its entirety. Thank you for your interest in becoming a key part of Our Club!!

Send completed applications by July 1, 2024 to